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  • Email me if you would like to be notified when I post new vintage photos, photo books and other fine art photo images.

    About Fine Art Photography For Sale

    Welcome to our sale of fine art photography, vintage images, historical photographs, first-edition photography books, catalogs & magazines.

    You are viewing a private collection of fine art photography, vintage photographic prints & historical photos collected over the past 30+ years.

    For most of the time that I have owned these images, I have stored them in a humidity- and temperature-controlled room, and away from light in closed, metal blueprint cabinets.  The few images that I have hung for display were protected under UV glass and/or kept away from direct light.

    Vintage Photo collection

    The original aim of this collection was to trace the history of photography, from 1845 to the mid 1900s, representing all processes & major artistic schools. This I largely achieved.

    Some years ago, I sold a substantial portion of the collection, for record prices at major auction houses.  Now, age (mine, not the photos) leads me to sell the balance.

    What remains are images, photography books & ephemera that have appreciated substantially in value; images of particular interest to me, & rare photographs that I couldn't bear to part with previously. 

    In my descriptions of the images for sale, all sizes are approximate and do NOT include the dimensions of the frames. For a more detailed discussion of how I describe this collection, see this  Glossary of Terms

    Photo Books

    As much as possible, I tried to acquire first-edition books related to each image, period or process.  I will be offering many of those books with the photos in this Web site. Image buyers will have the first opportunity to purchase books that reference the images they acquire.

    Few historic cameras remain in the collection, which once included 1,800 early cameras, enlargers, plates, etc.  I will be offering the few remaining items.


    Although copyright may be available for some of the images, I are not selling copyright per se. It is up to you, the buyer, to research the copyright status of any images offered here.

    Copyright is held by the estates of most famous photographers, like the Alinari family, of Italy, the Westons, Steichen, Stieglitz and many others.  Copyright in individual published images may be held by the original publishing company, or its successors. However, copyright expired long ago for many of the images by itinerant 19th-century, photographers that I will be offering here.


    People who appreciate, enjoy & understand vintage photography know its value. Many, many vintage items are rare, fragile, irreplaceable & one-of-a-kind. They all have artistic & historical value that has endured well beyond their time.

    There are many galleries & auction houses (Sotheby's, Christie's, Swann) that you can consult for current values. I will try to inform you by e-mail if I receive other offers on a piece that interests you.

    All prices are in $ CAD.


    I will invoice you, if as & when I accept your offer.

    • Direct wire transfer, or funds by e-mail, for purchases of $500 or more.
    • PayPal for orders of $500 or less.

    I may accept international personal checks, but a $50 surcharge will apply to cover banking fees. I will not accept money orders or certified checks.

    Shipping & Handling (S&H)

    • I ship promptly after payment(s) clear.
    • I will only ship purchases to the address that matches your payment source (e.g. your credit card billing address, or verified PayPal address).
    • I ship via Canada Post, using the best service for a particular package.
    • I ship images unframed, unless unframing them would risk damage.
    • I will insure orders for their full value.
    • I will invoice separately for insurance, packing, shipping & handling (S&H).

    I hope you enjoy the collection.  I will post new items when I can.

    Email me if you would like to be notified when I post new images.

    Thanks for visiting,

    Doug "Doogles" Long